Carly Chaikin


Actress Carly Chaikin of the cult tv series Mr. Robot. The show has won many awards including 2 Golden Globes. Carly plays Darlene, an associate o Christian Slater's Mr. Robot. He is an anarchist who heads a clandestine group of hackers defending individuals from a tyrannical corporation. Darlene is his best operative. Says Carly "She's really an awesome character. She's obviously incredibly smarte, being a programmer/ She's tenacious and fun and ruthless." We asked Carly how much she personally identifies with Darle: "I can relate to her a lot, to the freedom she has. She has very strong beliefs and she sticks to them: she's honest." When asked how reality based the show is Carly told us "our privacy and nonymity are disappearing on so many different levels. Everything that happens in the show is possible." Mr. Robot series is filmed in New York.