AMAZING is a magazine about fashion and culture, based in New York and Los Angeles with contributors from around the globe. AMAZING is an arena for smart, sophisticated, intelligent  and visually stunning fashion stories.



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Editor-in-Chief and creative director

Donald Lawrence

Editorial Director

Ashely Paintsil

Editor at Large

J.L. Sirisuk

New York Art Editor

Andrew Lockhart

Beauty Editor

Janice Daoud

New York Fashion Editor

Kristin Dedorson

Design Director

Willie Ip

Associates Art Director

Peter Wade Fowler

New York Website Manager

Tristan Hutchinson

Los Angeles

Fashion assistant

Ivan Leon

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Albert Watson

Paul Sinclair

Eric Gaberiel

Miranda Turin Penn

Michele Laurita

Wendy Bevan

Rayne Fitton

Ben Duggan

Dennis Leupold

Donald Christies

Steven Simoko

James Thomas

Amy Jackson

Phil Knott

Tracey Morris

Andrew Basile

The Rex Agency

Bibi Cornejo

Maria Cornejo


Rob Daly


Michelle Marshall

Ryan West

Steven Wilkes

Dust Studio Los Angeles

Freedom Models

Jonzu Jones

Mario Sanchez